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Following a two day media blackout which started after the surrender of Rauta Patrons Principles, Varangian Syndicate CEO and co-founder CMDR Kuumies gave the following statement in a press conference earlier today:

“After rapidly gaining influence - through means which will undoubtedly prove nefarious - the faction of Rauta Patrons Principles decided to start a civil war in our beloved home system in order to take control. These imperial oligarchs thought it worth the sacrifice to ravage our system and deplete its resources for the duration of four grueling days. They’ve lost their touch with reality, and with the people to think their way of life would be superior to the freedom of choice that the Varangian Syndicate offers to its followers.

Whether this war was a brainchild of the local  leadership of the Patrons, the oppressor Denton Patreus or even the Emperor herself remains a mystery for now. But mark my words, even though we've decisively annihilated our opposition and took control of the last remaining star port that wasn’t under our jurisdiction before, we will not stop here. We will define who these would-be-ousters are and we will deal with them accordingly. We will wade through as many imperial or federal corpses we’ll have to in order to have a truly free Rauta. We are few and they are many, but even fewer were the people of Freeholm when they thwarted the famously botched imperial attack against their home station which they had only recently wrest from Empire’s control. Our means may not be popular, but by the gods of old they are effective.

Lastly I would like to thank our trusted allies at the Echo of Loki organization for their assistance in dealing with the enemy forces. You have our gratitude; may you fight a thousand battles and fall soaked in your enemies’ blood.” 

After thanking the audience the brooding CEO didn’t take any questions as he headed off the podium. Varangian Syndicate seems to be taking a strong stance for complete independency, in part explaining the delay in releasing any statements. Serious discussions have certainly taken place amongst their higher echelon.

- Giraud Gazette 11/5/3302

Carving out a place among the stars

One should be keener on aqcuiring competence rather than assets. To handle oneself in a fight, is not only a matter of life and death but that of Honor and Reputation. Such skill is revered around the galaxy above all else. From the very beginning the Varangian Syndicate have been training their recruits in the art of combat, and now has come the time for the Varangians to prove their mettle.

The first bimonthly Varangian Warrior championships will be held the coming weekend. Nearly all of the Varangian roster will take part in the games where a total of 18 matches will be held over the coming days; culminating in the finals on Sunday evening. For the first championship the pilots have been divided into two brackets based on piloting skill alone. The winner of each bracket will be titled the champion of said bracket and will receive a free paint job for their chosen ship to be applied at Giraud Station. The winner of the entire competition will hold the title of Warrior Champion until such time he’ll be stripped from it. For pilots at the lower bracket, it is considered great an honor to fight and lose to the champion of superior skill.

We are also happy to announce that our trusted ally Triadius has taken a decisive victory in the galaxy famous PvP League, not least thanks to our very own CMDR Cmdr. Tolbert who fought skillfully in their wing against Adle’s Armada. Even though they weren't able to win the entire match up, Tolbert's effort is a living testament of the Varangian dedication and competence put to work! Congratulations Tolbert and Triadius!

Over the weekend the Syndicate also took to branching out to meet other organizations. Hands were shaken with such entities as Rebuy-Screenius Maximus, 51Th Massilia and Time of Chaos as a massive operation, to loosen BBfA’s hold on their oppressed home system Alrai, took place on a multi-wing scale. In a joint effort, the groups were able to destroy several enemy ships with acceptable losses on their side. Communique of the show of force will surely ripple through Federation space and accumulate into a massive conflict that will be passed on as stories of valor to your children’s children and beyond.

-CEO CMDR Kuumies


Screenshot 0075

In two days time it’ll be a month from the event that probably will change the entire course of Varangian Syndicate’s evolution into a noticeable force in human occupied space.  Members of the Syndicate’s higher echelon were approached by CMDR Nitek from the free mercenary consortium Triadius. Some preliminary negotiations had taken place in the past, but this time Triadius was on official business. And that business was an alliance.

After a brief parley and a handshake the deal was struck. Part of this new found allegiance was that Triadius would share their communication frequencies with Syndicate members in an effort to create an efficient tactical network between all their allies. Likewise in the event of an enemy offensive against Rauta or other Syndicate ruled systems, VS members would be able to call out for some more muscle to assist in the conflict.

triadius logo

To this date Varangian Syndicate have already assisted Triadius in the effort to blockade the system of Orang to reserve the trading benefits it offers to only Triadius and its allies. Recently an all-out war has broken out between the Syndicate’s new ally and several hostile groups of CMDRs.  The Varangians have already agreed to assists in the fighting and are waiting for the call to arms.

“Joining up with a group this powerful will definitely make the Varangian Syndicate a force to be reckoned with. In addition to our own fleet of extraordinary pilots this alliance will assuredly tip the scale in our favor in any future conflicts”, assesses CMDR CAO Kuumies three weeks after the announcement.

- Giraud Gazette 07/01/3302, Rauta 

First of many

The week began with great exhilaration as Varangian Syndicate managed to expand into a new star system. The scarcely populated industrial system of CD-49 13082 saw the Varangian fleet roll in at Monday and by Thursday morning the fighting broke out.  Another minor faction with a meagre amount of influence in the system foolishly decided to challenge the Syndicate’s might by declaring war in order to keep hold of their presence in CD-49. Within hours Unified CD-49 13082 were crushed in to the ground, but yet manages to get hold of more war ships, so the fighting is expected to last a day or two. 

“It saddens one to see galactic resources wasted this way. They do not stand a chance of winning and yet they feed the conflict zones with new hardware that just gets obliterated a moment later. There is no shame admitting defeat to fight another day, but if they wish to be eradicated, so be it” commented the Varangian Syndicate’s squadron leader CMDR MC Madman earlier today. 


CD-49 13082 is the first system Varangian Syndicate has been able to expand to. “This is the result we have been striving for since we started an aggressive recruitment campaign a couple months back. After we have defeated the system’s ruling faction, CD-49 13082 Vision Group, we definitely aren’t going to stop there. CD-49 is just the first of many to see the Varangians rise to power” assured the Syndicate’s CEO CMDR Backwood666. 

CD-49 13082 Vision Group is in fact an Empire backed minor faction. This is sure to cause stirring within the imperial ranks. The Syndicate’s CAO CMDR Kuumies had this to say: “We are aware of the risks of expanding to a system that is backed by a superpower but are confident that, even if the Empire have any interest holding claim of such a small system, our current roster of fighter pilots is more than capable of thwarting any threats to our expansion. Anyhow, no such show of force from the Empire is to be expected since they are tied up fighting the Cayutorme Syndicate. By such time that the conflict is resolved, ours will be too. ” The war has been raging for 24 hours now and no imperial intervention have taken place.

- Giraud Gazette 06/11/3301, Rauta


Screenshot 0286 


The early hours of yesterday morning saw a new force arise in the Rauta system. The corporate minor faction of Varangian Syndicate took the system by storm. By evening almost the entire roster of the Syndicate had participated in growing their faction's influence leves in Rauta. 

Assassinations, bounty hunting, trading, mining, smuggling and even murdering of innocents, nothing will stand in the way of the Varangians and their mission to gain more power and secure the safety and prosperity of their own. If something thightens the factions grip on their new home system, it is worth doing. There have even been rumours that failing to deliver on these missions have resulted in serious punitive consequences within the Syndicate's ranks. Their influence must grow, and it is grown from the sweat and the blood of the Varangians and their recruits.

Once the inferior factions have been thrown out of the system or trampled into the ground, the Varangian Syndicate will set their sights on the already scouted out nearby systems. And then will do it all.. all over again.

Screenshot 0324Varangian warriors, ready to crush the opposition