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Who are the Varangian Syndicate?

The flight of the Varangian Syndicate – Taste of Iron

The Varangians were one of emperor Hengist Duval’s many personal guards and combat units. For over 300 years, since the rule of Hengist’s grandfather Hender Saik Duval, have this warrior tribe pledged themselves to protect the Empire. Only when emperor Hengist fell in to a coma, did this dedication start to waver. Varangian soldiers, once so loyal a force, could not stand to watch while the Empire tore itself apart, splintering into various powers in the absence of a single unifying ruler. Slowly the ranks of the Varangians started to thin out, members leaving the tribe wanting to find a new purpose in their life. Only to the most dedicated remained, but after the assassination of their beloved emperor, even they started to question their long held faith in the resurrection of the glory of the Empire. This 'Devout Five' – by which they were known – formed a new guild for those looking for purpose, and named it Varangian Syndicate.

At first the syndicate had their HQ located in the Miphifa system, on the planet Varangia from which their tribe got its name. Unfortunately the decay of the Empire soon reached Miphifa as well, crippling the local economies and starship manufacturing capabilities. Soon Hengist’s bastard child princess Arissa Lavigny-Duval also wanted her piece of the pie, and eventually the constant inquisition of her vast police force drove the citizens of Varangia to frustration. For even though the Varangians are famed for their loyalty to the throne, one can’t always describe their methods legal. The laws they abide by are their own. So the slow turn of their once content system into a police state inevitably led to the destabilization of their tribe and after the death of the Emperor to the search for a new home.

After vigorously studying the galaxy maps, one star system stood above all the other nearby systems. Its tactical location, booming economy and other profitable opportunities had an instant appeal to the Varangians. The system name translating to ‘Iron’ in their native language didn’t hurt the decision making either. This year of 3301 will see the now independent group of warriors, explorers, traders, smugglers and fortune hunters move to their new home. Rauta.



Varangian Syndicate is an Elite ranked guild and an in-game faction in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy and community. Members of the group are active in all parts of the game with the emphasis on PvP.

All our members hail from Finland. At the moment we have over 20 CMDRs in our ranks which makes us the largest domestic guild currently playing only E:D.

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